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IT in Five with Garrett Browne: Saaslio

Channel Program's Garrett Browne provides an unbiased view of Saaslio, in under 5 minutes! Garrett has years of experience working in MSPs and serving them & has a great knack for understanding what creates value for them!

Video Transcript:

Welcome to IT in Five where we review vendor product demos in five-ish minutes. My name is Garrett Browne, and I'm the CPO here at the Channel Program. So today we're going to be looking at Saaslio, which offers a SaaS management platform built for the MSP that focuses more on the user behavior for managing shadow IT and security.

So I believe SaaS management is a critical and very important tool in today's very much work-from-home, you know, kind of business world. So let's dive into this demo. Here's what we saw.

So the Saaslio website's clean and you can quickly see the features and value that they're offering. The Saaslio account login only uses Microsoft with the Google SSO. On the right-hand side menu, you're gonna see the menu’s intuitive, and the dashboard is built for multi-tenancy. And you can also see how many clients you’re managing, the total active users, and the applications that are found across all your clients. You can see the client deployment stages and the overview. They bring to light breaches. You can connect these to your PSA ticketing.

So these are breaches that are found with the SaaS vendors, and you can see the number of clients affected. So this is more than just password breaches. You can see warnings for unpatched, vulnerabilities, exploits, and other types of issues. So you take a look at the integration tab, and you'll see integrations and deployment configurations for the PSA, the RMM, and email, and you could do custom script.

On the Clients tab, you can see the client's dashboard. You'll also see in each company, a total number of classified and unclassified SaaS apps. The dashboard is comprised of six key metrics they use to weight scores in these metrics and that’s what the MSPs and their customers should be focused on, they say. You click on the SaaS health card and you'll see a report set up. You can run a quarter or a period timeline report and you can select a multitude of various sub-reports if you'd like to include them. A report would be generated, and in this case, they created a QBR report for me. They captured generic and shared accounts, so you could see who is sharing credentials to an account, or if somebody’s using something generic like admin@ or finance@. Looking at the applications menu tab, it'll bring you to the applications overview to show you the application’s adoption and usage over time in your customers.

Scroll down this page, you're gonna see apps by life cycle stage, such as which apps are approved, not approved, evaluating, and so forth. You're also gonna see most recently added applications that were discovered. So jumping over to the classified tab, it's gonna show you all the apps that have been found and classified by Saaslio.

In the unclassified apps tab, you're gonna see a breakdown of unclassified apps and how long they've been in use. You can drill down into each app and see the data and the usage around that app. How long it's been used, whether or not the users are log in traditional login or do they connect their Azure to log in?

You can click on the survey workflow button, and basically ask the user, why are you using this? They also just released a VCIO committee, which allows these questions, notes, and recommendations to be shared with other MSPs, and you can see and add their security recommendations and information as well. You can like comments and engage as well.

The security logs tabs sums up everything from data downloads, form signs, log-ins, detected share credentials, and a ton more. You can also see which users are using generic credentials and share credentials and more. You could set up workflows. Like for example, this one, there are events where if the user sign up for a trial of a SaaS app, you can set up conditions and alerting.

Their sales doc section is where you can use their templates for sales one-sheets, social media posting, then you can even do an employee off-boarding report, and you can have the off-boarding report kicked over to your PSA as well. The report session is nice and has some very useful reports. Each report will have a value tied in that indicates what the focus is on here. You can see highlight security, efficiency, and savings.

You can deploy Saaslio via a PowerShell script they provide to you, or you can push via RMM. Install, browser extensions, desktop, and agent, and you can use 365 as a collector. When you deploy, it's gonna go and learn mode for seven days, so it’ll learn the entire client ecosystem of which apps are being used.

So full disclosure I’m a big proponent of SaaS management. If you don't think you have anything to worry about, just grab a trial and watch yourself be shocked at the shadow IT. A couple of years ago, I was speaking and this MSP was telling me that the moment they realized they needed to start looking into SaaS management was when a client had let go of an accountant several months prior who had access to everything, including full admin into their bank account. And somehow they found out, for whatever reason, she was disgruntled, people got nervous and they started looking around. So what they did, was they grabbed a known password that she had always used right in front of the company management, and logged into their bank account with the email keys to the kingdom. That was the, oh my God moment.

What can we see? How do we see other accounts? And that was the moment of return for the MSP they realized they can use 'em. So I haven't talked to 'em in a while, but I'm gonna bet my hearing aid that they have SaaS management in their stack. The moral of the story is, listen, shadow it, admin access, not managing that's a huge blind spot for companies. Saaslio did a good job at digging in the surface and bringing up some pretty good data that is actionable at each of your clients. I liked your reports. They had great integrations and the data around the user usage was pretty solid. So let’s jump into their channel program profile.

They're two and a half years in business. Pricing's affordable, it's per user with unlimited devices. Contracts, monthly, or a discount with annual. A hundred percent built for the MSP. They have support and a knowledge base. Support hours are Monday through Friday 9-5 and escalated 24/7 support. So go over to channel, search for Saaslio, or check them out in our Explorer category, SaaS management. My name is Garrett Browne and thank you for watching this edition of IT in Five. Have a great day and I'll see you out there.


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