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  • John Harden

Big SaaS News

We are excited to announce that Saaslio, an innovative SaaS management platform for MSPs, has been acquired by Auvik Networks.

We are very proud of what we've built over the past three years and are looking forward to being part of the Auvik family! The vision of the founders of Saaslio will continue to be the same: to build the best technology to solve one of the most complex problems the MSP industry is facing right now.

Saaslio was recognized in 2020 as the ISBDC Start Up Of The Year, in 2021 as a TechPoint Start Up Of The Year Nominee, and in 2022 as Best Pitch with Channel Program. Following on this momentum, Saaslio has multiplied the MSPs it serves ten-fold since the beginning of the year with our bundled, all-in-one SaaS discovery, management, and security solution.

We believe, just like network management for MSPs in 2015, that the SaaS management category for MSPs is unmarked and will be a tough path forward. The only difference for Saaslio, and our existing partners, is that we will be equipped with the power and team of Auvik to help conquer customers’ SaaS stacks alongside the subject matter expertise that helped shape the MSP industry within the network management category.

Why Auvik?

Auvik, who has been recognized for countless awards ranging from product innovation to community influence, and solves a complex problem for MSPs with network management. They did so very successfully when their flagship product launched in 2015. In 2015, the network management solutions for the MSP industry were nascent, and Auvik was carving a path forward solving tough challenges in unmarked territories.

I started the discussions with Auvik with technology synergies in mind; the idea of joining forces wasn’t even where we began. However, as we dug deeper, our beliefs were exactly the same on how to solve the client-based SaaS issues MSPs faced. In tandem, we were evaluating finance strategies to grow our business and solve this complex problem. It quickly became clear that Auvik was a great alignment for us. They share our same engineering-focused ethos, are in lockstep alignment with our culture, and have an identical long-term vision on the SaaS Security & Management problem.

Auvik’s mission is extremely ambitious and focuses on helping both MSPs, and IT teams manage the end-user experience across the entire IT stack. With its acquisition and subsequent investment in Saaslio, Auvik will soon be able to augment its network management capabilities with SaaS discovery, management, and security functionality.

What’s Next For Our Customers?

On internal calls, our co-founder & head of product, Ben Botti, discussed how he was thrilled about what this means for our existing partners and for the growth of our products. He also highlighted how adding new resources and expertise from the Auvik team, would help us accelerate our collective roadmaps, and build new experiences that will wow our clients. Through the integration, we can then provide a more comprehensive and integrated set of tools to help MSPs solve their SaaS problems.

The Saaslio platform itself will continue to operate as usual with no changes for our customers. However, anticipate rapid growth and innovation coming as we augment our workforce, go-to-market resources, and engineering investment in the platform to build an even better product offering. The solution will be everything you are accustomed to, but with way more horsepower behind it! We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to building on our success with Auvik. To learn more about Auvik, check out Alex Hoff’s blog post.


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