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  • John Harden

QBRs: Stop Talking Tickets, Start Talking Solutions & SaaS

You hold QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews) because you care about your customer. You spend time preparing them by reviewing their business and by aggregating the information you’ve collected on them in the last quarter. We hope you’re doing them because if you are, we’re about to tell you how to knock them out of the park with SaaS.

QBRs Need To Align To Your Client’s Goals, Not Yours.

According to Brightgauge, every QBR should align with the client’s goals. If you consider the room you’re in, sometimes it can be nearly $800/hr in salaries in there. This means you have to talk about the most critical things. Think about SaaS and its software, when it comes to your customer’s technology and business productivity it’s the most impactful component! 

According to JP Jauvin over at CHANNELe2e, QBRs are not about selling but solving actual business problems. This may sound obvious, but when you think about the QBRs you’re holding today. Are you really talking about things that are the most critical? As in, are you talking about solutions that really are driving the most value to the expensive stakeholders in your meeting?

How Does SaaS Play Into This?

Consider the topics you’re holding today. You’re likely talking cybersecurity and you’re likely talking cloud infrastructure. Yes, these things are important, but they don’t transform your customer into a better business, they are just new costs that protect it. What if you could talk about saving them money, improving their operations, AND improve their security?

SaaS is the cross-section of IT & business productivity, and it shows no pace is slowing down with your customers. According to BMC Online, we’re looking at nearly 6.3% of cloud spend increasing, with hardware spend being the biggest impacted.

Approach Clients About Managed SaaS

Consider Some New Topics

Consider talking to them about duplicate software in their environment. Using Saaslio’s Microsoft 365 Overlap report, you can review ways to save them money so they can invest in those cybersecurity projects. 

What about the wasted licenses? Your customer’s procured a lot of new software over the COVID-19 pandemic, have you remediated that? Use Saaslio’s financial reports and recommendations to save them money instantly.

While you’re at it, talk to them about their cloud SaaS security posture. You’re building defense walls around the customer to protect them, but their employees are adopting shadow IT outside their purview. Review a Saaslio Shadow IT impact report with them.

Get Started Talking SaaS

If you’re interested in talking SaaS with your clients today during their QBRs simply reach out. We’ve already helped MSPs unlock new revenue streams and create more value for their clients today. Let us help you! 


Ready to wrangle your clients' SaaS stacks?

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